AD or LeBron Finals MVP?! Week 5 NFL, WENDYS ME MOMENT!! - burst 10


Is essential nine, and then to get Baker throwing thirty plus passes. That's dangerous recipe for for Cleveland it's it's it's a lot easier said than done to stop the run I, mean the browser brought in Jack Conklin. Thousand Big free agent signing on the. Offense of line looks, great. And that opens up everything for their offense and I don't I think this is I mean, listen I'm a sucker. Don't get me wrong spent on the Falcons I'm a sucker. But I don't think this is the browns that we're all used. K.. Winning this lending eyestone here I don't think site. Thank. I don't think the colts can hang with them so. Here's the thing I'll say I'm fine with you saying this isn't Browns, which is fun. But are you comfortable saying I know you're a soccer and Baker sometimes you suck four but are you believer Baker Mayfield like I feel like I've seen enough to know he's not like a really good quarterback

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