White House coronavirus cluster


D C is seeing a spike in covert 19 cases. The location of the cluster. The White House 24 White House staffers have now tested positive, including Trump senior advisor Stephen Miller, who was diagnosed yesterday. Speaking today, chief of staff Mark Meadows told reporters the president who still has the virus is quote in very good health and may work from the Oval schedule right now is fluid. We're looking at his prognosis from a health standpoint, correspondent Ben Tracy tells us. A spike in cases among Pentagon officials can likely be traced to a White House events. Ove It also now has virtually All of the nation's most senior military officials in quarantine, including Joint chiefs Chairman General Mark Millie and Vice Chairman General John Heighten, who coordinates the military's covert response. They were exposed to Coast Guard Vice Commandant Admiral Charles Ray. It's unclear where he contracting the virus. But he tested positive Monday, eight days after this visit to the White House for an event for military families where a few people wore masks. An email that went around to Trump staffers yesterday, said all contact tracing for positive cases connected to the White House has been completed. Not so, says New York Times reporter Michael Shear. He tested positive for the virus following direct contacts with White House officials, he tells CNN. There's been no outreach by the White House to follow up on his case.

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