Dont Mess With Notorious RBG: How to Fight For The Supreme Court


One in the Senate steady strap into right people. From. God, and everything you're welcome to this week's on one with Angela. Arrived podcast. NATORI is a CB does not have the same notoriety as notorious RPG and what is really notorious is the Senate Republicans for trying to bulldoze the traditional Supreme Court nominations process. So we have assembled an all star legal panel today that also reflects how Supreme Court should look it probably also think here to break it all the way down like a fraction are Kristen Clark President and Executive Director of the National Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law Christopher. Kane. Chief counsel of demand Justice Ellie Misao justice correspondent at the nation and Tina Johnson President and CEO of times up. Hello everybody. Angela. Thank you so much for being here. So I want to start with giving honor where honor is due in. That is to start with Ruth Bader GINSBURG who we lost on September. Eighteenth. I feel like she held on just as long as she possibly could end for that I say thank you. To our BG to the to the real story is and I just wanted to give you all the opportunity to share some thoughts on route Baiter ins, birds passing on her impact in jurisprudence in which he wrote some phenomenal opinions including just two words, I dissent and you know anything else on your hearts to share about that because then we're going to get into the battle that is the Supreme Court nominations but I really WanNa give her some some time just do. Well, if you're a lover of justice than you definitely are feeling this, you're feeling the loss of Justice Ginsburg on the court right now having been inside the court was always great to see her in action. She was always an active questioner questioner always asking all of the tough questions and and really pushing. The. The Orleans before her. I also think though about Thurgood Marshall and what he meant for the court and Thurgood Marshall is

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