Here's a first look at Apple's $549 AirPods Max headphones


I wanna talk to you about the airpods max. There was many rumors this fall that these were coming and being mid december. It looked like maybe we're not gonna get it before. Two thousand twenty one but no early on tuesday morning apple announced and released the airpods max. They went up for sale. I think it was like eight thirty in the morning and to everyone's shock and awe and let's just talk about now five hundred and fifty dollar price tag for the airpods. Max i would love to have your initial thoughts not only on the price tag but on the name. Because i kind of wish. They went with studio because the rumored codename airpods studio because they're over the your headphones with the cups. Noise cancelling airpods max. I don't know it sounds a little funny. What do you think william. I did as she laughed when i saw the name but only because apple keeps used to keep everything secret and now everything seems to come out but they hit us with a new name. We weren't expecting and that did the same with the apple a. m water. It is like there's a naming department that can keep a secret. I agree studios san sense better so these headphones they're very expensive. They're five hundred and fifty dollars despite that they're basically sold out until march if you try to buy a pair now it'll say twelve to fourteen weeks shipping time so even despite the price very popular you can actually go and watch him hd. And i just actually have these. They did initial videos unboxing and some initial thoughts. I'll put those links in show notes as well just kind of a quick specs. These are over the ear cups headphones controls on these. It is all physical controls. There's a large digital crown on one of the earcups that you'll use to adjust volume or you can press it down for siri. And then there's also another button to go from transparency to noise cancelling mode so they have a lot of the features of the airpods pro. They have spatial audio. They can do dolby. Atmos and seven point. One surround virtually in the headphones. So that's all very cool but a couple of the noticeable omissions will say no power brick in the box so with your five hundred and fifty dollar headphones. You do not get a powerbook to charge you. Do get a cable. You get a usb c a lightening cable so you can charge it with one of the twenty usb c charging that apple will sell you but it also does not come with the cable to physically connect these headphones to an audio source. If you would like that you have to pay an additional thirty five dollars for a lightning. Two three and a half millimeter cable to plug into an audio source and again the fact that they went with lightning on instead of usb bbc. I'm not sure i feel about that. But those are the omissions and again on that price tag at least put the cable in there. I don't know that's just me. What do you feel wind. Packwood's and i agree with you. That seems wrong. I know we got loose. Packers have old ones. So i don't know how much use they would be i. It never occurred to me to think about a physical connection with this their wireless headphones release anything else. But actually yeah. If i am a musician pro use a full who. This is a bargain but a worthwhile cost. I'm likely to want to better connection wireless bluetooth so yeah on quite taken aback. Especially if you cross into that audio file realm and one of things. I'm going to do with it I did order a pair though becoming tuesday. So i'll be able to talk about him on next week's episode personally but i'm actually a classical music fan. I don't think i've ever share this with amish on the podcast. But i'm a classical trumpet player. That's my wife degree. yes i love. Actually listening to classical music. Believe it or not and so. I'm very curious to see how these sound. On some of those mozart requiems and brahms symphonies at to see the audio quality is really up to snuff. But for five hundred fifty dollars should sound amazing. You know per se. Obviously this is in comparison and in competition with headphones. Like the sony w.h. Xm fors which usually cost like three hundred. Three hundred and fifty dollars was like attuned dollar premium for these and the bose noise cancelling headphones seven hundred are very popular. Those are around three hundred and forty dollars. So you're getting two hundred to two hundred and fifty dollar premium to pay for these airpods. Max so i really hope have to imagine that the sound quality is excellent. But you're also paying for apple's features like the h. One chips the ability to the noise. Cancelling connect your devices seamlessly switch just like other airpods and airpods pro another cool feature to the cups. The ear cushions that are on the headphones are actually connect magnetically. And so if you want to replace the earcups for whatever reason they come off very easily and attach very easily as well and hd shows that had his video looks pretty satisfying and you can also get replacement ear cushions again. Not cheap but seventy bucks on apple you can actually order them now in the apple store and on their website but you can get replacement cushions for seventy dollars again in the future if you need them and you can mix and match colors. There's actually a cool chart you know if you will have to get the space gray headphones and put some blue cushions on it. You can be fancy like that if you'd like but again you're paying a premium for all these. I don't know. I'm curious to try them. But these don't tempt you at all as i once used the bose actions that you mentioned don. I was very impressed on. I do like us. I'm more of a malla guide. The mets on no. It doesn't tempt me. Except there is one thing this one specification you've just kind of lewd to skipped a very good. That is crucial. What color did you buy on. I won't with space gray because the size of these. I mean they're large. They're over the ear headphones. And i like to be discreet when i'm around other people the rare times that happens and so white white was tempting. But i don't have so much you know every other airpod is white and i didn't like the green or the pinkish red color. Blue was the only other one that tempted me. But i don't know. I just went discreet. I want black now. You wouldn't touch. That's what it is so next day. Jiang at a party somewhere. Nobody's gonna notice because she didn't have blue headphones. That's what i would have gone full blitz. Obviously the blue did look very nice. i was tempted. Also attempt to engrave these. I've actually never engraved an apple product. I don't know why i just have never done. It and i was very close to engraving these. But i had a moment of. I don't know what to put on them. And i know shipping. Times are gonna slip. So i just four went the engraving and just sorta without. But i'm curious william. Have you ever engraved an apple product. No because of always thoughts. And i'm gonna pass it on somebody else or might resell it to somewhere right. So it's been like having a set to somebody on their name. Just you break up with something. It feels wrong in a weird way. It feels like it's studies the the pristine finish of the device as well especially if you wanna resell it. That definitely makes it more difficult but I know you have tons of tattoos. You have sleeves don't you. Have you have tattoos all over please. I'm not illustrated unless you know what you said about coming up with something to say. I know whatever. I had written on me. I would change my mind magic instantly and want to me. I did work with a young writer. Who said she was aiming to have some text for every significant part of her life tattooed on and i wished to long life and much fatness so that you have room okay. Well staying on the grieving for a second. I saw that in addition to letters you can actually engrave emojis on apple products. Now you can choose emojis if you'd like. So here's my question to you william. If you could engrave any emoji apple device what emoji do you think you would choose. Would it be the winking smiley face sticking out the tongue or would it be money flying away. What do you think is the money involved here with page to do this. I give you twenty bucks. Yeah i need more need more. I need a lot more needs to pay for the hedge funds and then i feel that's nice cost parlance I'm i'm a writer. I can't bear emojis next. Particularly i had a message from a singer songwriter. I profoundly admire but it was all in emojis. And i have no idea what she was saying. It was just. I think it's gonna start communicating with you william. I'm gonna do all emojis from now on well good by sending emerges did not sending me pat. That's where you're going wrong. You sending the wrong listen. Listen we'll see when that when the next ipad comes out the battery life on my ipad. I don't know what's going on but it is I don't know. It's a little rough. When i edit podcast. It's great at any at any other time. So that new model comes out. I don't know we'll see you keep playing this long game gas lighting me. I'll just send it off without even thinking about it.

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