Election officials debunk ‘ridiculous’ claims about election fraud


Setbacks in court for president trump. I'm dan anthony fox news. Hopefully the next administration will be the trump administration because you can't steal hundreds of thousands of democrats say his fraud claims aren't true the. Us supreme court refused to intervene in pennsylvania and jerry zona supreme court tonight a republican attempt to block. Joe biden's win there so did nevada's nevada. Gop says they're extremely disappointed in this dismissal. Noting they were not allowed to argue the case before the court writing in a statement. This folded novel intimate due process and appellate rights is truly unprecedented shocking and extraordinary. Fox's griff jenkins now. Texas is getting involved a republican attorney general filing attempt at the us supreme court to invalidate presidential election results in georgia michigan pennsylvania. Wisconsin ken paxton told. Fox's hannity job is to make sure that the competition fall in that every vote counts and in this case. i'm not sure that every vote was counted. Not in the right way. Ernie's general in those states responded dismissive of this texas attempt calling it embarrassing insignificant irresponsible and a publicity stunt

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