Elyse's Death Emoji - 620


Me I'm gust. Gavin. I'm Chris. And I'm elise filling in for no, you've you released. For anyone. Okay. and which away. That's enough of that embarrassment. How's everyone doing everyone ready for yet another podcast, the comfort of our own homes. Yeah. I went I went out I did something the other day. No you didn't. I got a flu shot. That tracks. I saw my doctor. A. Few weeks ago when I had like, I'd hurt my shoulder and I went to go see him about it and. He convinced he's like you'd be a good idea to get a flu shot this year just because of Kobe and everything and I was like, yeah. That does sound like a good idea and he was like get mature you get it mid to late November? I was like, yeah I'm going to get it mid to late November. And I went to go get it the other day and I went to the pharmacy. And the pharmacist. You know it gets the injection everything he's like he's getting everything set up. He's like making small talk he's like you get a flu shot every year it's like no, it's actually I can't remember the last time I did. My doctor just said, it might be a good thing to get this year. He says, what do people coming out to get flu shots this year I don't I don't understand why. I said, what do you mean he goes? To everyone staying home and everyone's wearing masks. So I don't think anybody's going to really have to worry about the flu and I felt like the biggest idiot in the world I was like, oh, he's like whatever if you want to flu shot that's fine I'll give it to you. Kind of already here. I think I think. The thinking is if you do end up You might get covid. You'd also have a danger of getting the flu, and if you got them both at the same time, it'd be bad. I guess. So but I'm not I'm hopefully going to get either of them. I guess. I think you're doing the responsible thing and I've heard stories of people who say, I don't know how I got Kobe. So, I can imagine the same thing when applied to flew to. So, anyway refundable get a flu shot. Even if the Pharmacist Gilts you let me ask you this gus are you on a first name basis with your doctor? Oh. I don't know if I've ever even called him by his last name. Just call Dr, I just call him Dr. Do you ask are you on the basis doctor I? Just I just think that that's that's a bad sign if you are because that that means that you're quite infirm. Maybe you're just a what do you call it when you're always thinking you're sick. HYPOCHONDRIAC almost interview the ACA. Trees Yeah. How do you know that word Chris I was in a movie or something. What. What words do you know at least that you think is a good word to know that most people don't not. Asthma, phobia it means the trump fear of. Right. Mainstream these days there Well now when I I learned it. No one I learned it. Can I I need to address something. I'm sweating. Okay. You know. I mean address why I'm hiding behind my mic. Real you're on your mic. Yeah I. Thought that was just you being you know I'm hiding behind my mic. So. On Friday. Already knows this because I recorded with him since then but on Friday morning I was brushing my teeth and then I went to floss and walls forcing it broke one on my teeth. You floss one of your teeth off. But the whole thing just. A piece of it. I told Chris that heat so much ice cream everyday. I would think all the extra calcium would afford a fight his teeth to the point where they were super strong. They said Brill. Well Well. What happened is when I was a kid, my little brother like jumped on my back and I broke my. Chip. My front teeth and. Could you broke your front? Yeah like I. Fell Ford and like. Hit. My. Yeah and then when I was like like I must be like two, thousand, seven or something, I had a veneers because the. And falling off. And it was one of the deer things. So. Hopefully I'm getting taking care of tomorrow. I'll show you if you want. I. Don't WanNa, make you feel uncomfortable? So willing to show what's the point of Heidi behind the Mike while I wanted to. Hiding for now, but I didn't want like before I told you. You to be like it's like when someone's pregnant and they're like, wow, they're getting kind of fat you know like. You like. But if you if you know they're pregnant, you bet pregnant they're not getting fat and it same thing is like Chris Teeth. are kind of messed up what's wrong with his teeth so I just kind of saw it. Oh I can see how floss broke because right between. Yeah. That's not so bad Chris. Well, yeah it's not so bad but it's definitely like. It's noticeable like having known you for a long time. The Blaine Blaine had the best reaction to it. He said. Chris now looks like his hillbilly cousin who's illiterate Amos. It's such a little sliver. That's amazing. Yeah it's like a gap in my teeth on the wrong side. This is all. In. Between the two. It makes it look like your one of your teeth in the center of your mouth.

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