Finding A Cure For Hangovers


Everyone, it's Martin from twenty minute fitness. I'm here in San Francisco and I'm connected with season Lee founder of more laps Could you please do to yourself and Tello our audience? WHAT MORE ABSENCE? All about? Yeah. I Li- Martin having me. Yeah. Little background about myself. I was born in Korea and immigration with my family to Canada when I was nine. So I grew up in Canada did all my school here under Grad and that moved To Central Cisco right after that where it began my career as a product manager at Facebook, a couple of years through lots of different asserted destroyed I ended up in L. A. starting two thousand seventeen to start what's more laps today am what has more labs do is essentially we're stupid you company on Consumer Goods Company that makes what we call science beck supplements that combat modern-day stressors that slow you down such as fatigue poor sleep quality. Hangovers. I. Mean we referred to our products says, life products you know things that can help you hack your life be more productive than just more joy out of it and yeah, I mean like one of your hero products has been morning recovery. Maybe we can start with that product and you can tell us what actual day stressors this product actually focuses on. Yeah I mean I think the sort of DOT gr no more labs and our mission definitely evolved from morning recovery, which was the first product and basis of our company in its early days although we a lot of months where this was sort of a fun side project before it stepped into A. FULLTIME and a company with a mission, but ultimately, morning recovery think of it as their a remedy for when you consume alcohol especially if you to consume too much alcohol. So we we have it's a holistic approach though it's not a single ingredient but the hero ingredient is flavonoids called out Dha, which is an acronym. Extracted from a plant known as doses, which is also known as on Oreo, Japanese, raising tree, and product that carry the is actually quite popular in Eastern Asian culture especially create Japan, and what's interesting here is that it's got properties a speed up the breakdown of what as hell to hide, which is a highly inflammatory biproduct alcohol that's created when we rate out in our liver and so ultimately when we consume any type of liquor beer wide, ultimately, it's alcohol that we needed to break down into a civic asset fled under body but before call acidic acid, it turns into height that's actually a byproduct as much more than alcohol itself, and so all the really doing is. Acting as a catalyst to help your body break on sort of faster than that you, you didn't have a morning recovery and so at its core at you know that sort of how it works right. So basically helps me to process alcohol much quicker or my liver by that I mean, of course, and then the next day I on much faster recovered and I don't half that sensation of well hangover which for many people can be quite a few different things from nausea rain faulk to exhaustion dizziness headache CETERA, right? That's right. Yeah. Arrive at that compound yes. Oh, you know initially I mentioned through a lot of serendipitous dirty. We got two more labs and so I think It's difficult to sort of describe how we found developed the product without going through the founding story. But I, mean ultimately over decades especially in places Korea Japan, there's actually a giant industry, but that's explicit known as hangover drinks as funny as that sounds just like how energy drink is massive north. America with hero brands such as red bull monster at everybody is very familiar with personal concept over there but replace energy drink with hangover drinks. Now why? Why is that? So I mean I think a lot of it is a cultural thing and I think there's two components to it. This is just my best my best guess what is scheduled to set to drink quite a bit and so a data sources such renominated a year year actually shows that Korea especially is the number one liquor consuming country in the world. So I'll give you a statistic that's kind of mind blowing fourteen shots of liquor per week per capita in south, Korea and number two Russia at seven, and so I think this is one of those things where when people talk about worker. Party without ever actually having been to places like. China Hong Kong Japan Korea people definitely drink a much frequently and I think maybe that's also the reason why and especially because they have such a cutthroat work environment where even though the throughout the week, not just weekends next day you you have to dress up and go to work

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