President Trump Walks Out Of '60 Minutes' Interview


About a week before the election. President Trump former vice president Joe Biden are both busy on the campaign trail. There's a bee sees Mary Bruce. Thank you. Pennsylvania matters. So please vote the President barn storming the battleground states hammering his rosy picture of the pandemic, Even as the nation again hits that record number of cases we're rounding the turn would do a great Our numbers are incredible and still defending his mostly massless rallies overnight in a contentious interview with 60 minutes, But you don't Leslie. We hand out thousands of masks. Look out. They're not wearing them. You don't get up there and say, Look, you know, come on, watch it. Watch it! Question. Trump pressed on why he still has not released his health care plan, as he promised more than a year ago. His developed it is fully developed. It's going to be announced for soon when we see what happens with Obamacare. The Trump Administration is asking the Supreme Court to invalidate Obama care. The justices set to take up the case. Just one week after the election. Trump furious at the interview, abruptly cutting it short. I think we have enough of an interview here hope Okay, That's enough. Let's go. His press secretary, then handing over a book, calling it the president's healthcare plan. But according to 60 minutes, it was filled with just executive orders and congressional initiatives. Former President Obama poking fun at Trump for not being able to handle the tough questions. He liked the act up. And talkto. He thinks Scallon and being mean is tough when 60 minutes and Leslie Staller too tough for you. You know that

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