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North Carolina, along with weapons, explosives, a half million dollars in cash and a lease agreement for an apartment in Canada that along with a jail call in which his mother reportedly told him to jump bail were enough for the magistrate to deny Triesman Veil. Court papers say tribesmen started searching for Biden's home address online right after Bernie Sanders suspended His campaign. There was also a Reddit post suggesting he had to save Bernie Timothy Bella, who wrote The Washington Post Story says Try, Iceman told federal investigators about his fascination with terror attacks in here what is believed to be his voice saying how awesome it would be to hijack a plane and crash it into a building right now. Triesman is only charged for the child porn possession. Brian Harris. CAMO News News. Biden or the Secret Service will comment on that story. With the finish line a week and a half away. Washington State political professionals are telling us their best strategies for the presidential candidates. Democratic strategist Kathy Allen Thanks former Vice President Biden should act calm, literally just be giving us a sense of stability of something that's going to be trusted, not a lot of rhetoric. A lot of being seen. Washington State Republican Party chairman says President Trump should focus on the economy. I think President Trump has a strong case to make that He is the right person to lead our country back to

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