It's their first win over a team with a winning record.


Rams defense dominating from the start, the offense gain momentum and the team goes out of the 24 10 win over the Bears. Chicago scoring. It's only touchdown. On a scoop and score midway through the fourth quarter. Rams pick up the victory. It's their first win over a team with a winning record. 34 10, the final Jared Goff 23 of 33 219 yards passing a couple of touchdowns and he appreciated the help from the defense. It's huge. It's its momentum and we talk about all the time. His points off turnovers, points off turnovers, whether it's 1/4 down, stop or actually turnover with a couple of them. There are exceptions and we were able to capitalize on one of them on that I believed in reception. Ondas air Huge. You know that the fourth down stop in their own territory. We'd like to get points out of that. I would probably feel the game a little bit earlier. But, um our defense played put as well as I've played all year, and it's it's exciting Rams bouncing back from last week's lost to the Niners, who are at the bottom of the NFC West four and three. Seahawks losing their first game Sunday night there, five and one along with the Cardinals, and now the Rams with their win on Monday night football, So it five into our Monday night football analysts Louis, Riddick and Brian greasy. I think they fit in just fine, and I think they'll be there in the end. Why? Because they establish their identity tonight. Sean McVeigh made it a point us that that's what he wanted to do. He hated how this team played last week against the San Francisco 40 Niners. The players hated how they played. So he said. There's one thing we're gonna do. We're gonna find out. We can run the football and really just man up and push people off the line of scrimmage. We're gonna find out something about Chicago Bears to, particularly on defense. I think some of those questions were answered tonight, and it's looking good for them moving on down the road. I was interested to see with straw McVeigh. How did they respond after a terrible game last week? And then how did they respond this season toe? What happened last season, going nine and seven. Everybody's saying, Hey, the Shine is off the star of Sean McVeigh. Well, he came out today had a game plan. You know exactly what he wanted to do, and they executed on it, And they lost half of that team from the 2018 Super Bowl. They're not here anymore. There's no more Marcus Peters to keep believe they have found a new defensive quarter Brandon's daily and they're playing well and together on the defensive side. That's why I think they're going Be there at the end of the NFC West, right? I think that Chicago came in with some questions about the record looked Ijaw often joke that Detroit Atlanta invent ways to lose and they did against Chicago. So there were questions about how they stack up against this Ram's defense. And the offensive limitations in this game for the Bears obviously has part to do with who they played against, but maybe part of it has to do with who they are, and I was interested in some of the comments you made on the telecast about falls and play calls in the ability or inability. Even try to get those off. How stifled is that offense? Do you think You know, Scott, it's It's Ah, It's really disheartening as a quarterback when a play call comes in, and you know it may be. It's a five or seven step drops. And you know that once you get back to your fist step, your seven step. You don't even have time to take a hit to get rid of the football and, Yeah, you might want to push the ball down the field. You might want to throw a 20 yard out. But

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