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I've noticed that. You know every concept every chapter is exactly one page, which is interesting. Why did you decide to do that? I mentioned that this morphed that it wasn't a book initially what what had happened was I had left my job. And knowing that, okay I'm going to I'm going to try to do something in Bitcoin. I, didn't know exactly what but I just knew. I, had to. and I was fortunate enough to be in a position to to take that risk and. I didn't know what was going to do. I had previously worked in wealth management. So I thought okay I'll I guess I'll work on a pitch deck I didn't really know what was going to be what I was going to do with it. Maybe all try to start some kind of bitcoin investment find it was very vague I didn't have a very firm game plan if I'm being perfectly honest. So I was working on this deck and You know within a month or two it ballooned to eighty slides. And I'm talking I was having a beer talking to a buddy of mine about it and he's like Jesse. Number One, you're an idiot, you can't present this to anyone. It's eighty slides in its you ninety five percent of it is words and numbers but number two, this is a great skeleton for a book. You should turn this into a book and when he said that's me I'm like, oh no, I can't do that like I'm not an author I'm a banker I know, what do I know from this stuff what I know from writing so You know I slept on it woke up the next day and realized Oh yeah, that's a great idea. So yeah. But before we keep going on the book fame, what was it that made? You make an eighty slide deck what was your purpose? Yeah again. So it was explaining bitcoin and sorry to to get back to your question about the every argument being one page because I started as a slide. Show right when when you do a slide presentation, you're you're sort of making a point with every slide and so essentially, I started converting my slides into pages and I wanted to keep that principle of I'm going to make one point with every page. Every every page is GONNA is sort of perfectly in capsulated in a sense where you can just hone in on that page capture that small little arguments. And it exists on its own merit. It doesn't need all the other pages naturally you know they build on top of each other and they work together but if you wanted to find. One argument one point Oh yeah I you know I'm working on trying to put all these arguments together my head, and how does this little piece Finn you can go back to it very easily read that one page Oh. Yeah. That's how that works and then you know get back to to try to solve the puzzle and put all the pieces together. Yeah and that really does I think fit into the bitcoin universe in the bitcoin in that there really are so many layers to the onion. Certainly. No one can cover all of them in a book, but the way that you did, it was actually when I was skimming through it. Should. Ever read all of it and it was surprising to me how you're just like you read one page like, wow, that's pretty interesting. I'm very curious to see what's on the next page because I know it's going to be you know a related but separate topic that was that was actually quite clever clever thing to do I thought. Yeah, and into your point I mean this this is by no means a book that can or does capture everything in bitcoin right? Like that. The I don't know if anyone could do that on this is meant to give. You know whether whether you're novice or you have any degree of experience in Bitcoin I think there's probably something you can take away from it. Because it's it is bringing a different format a different perspective. And sort of a couple of different points although I. I am certainly leveraging a lot of the the brilliant ideas that already exists in Bitcoin and I tried to you know tip my hat to those that have. Have Put out those ideas But yeah, it's. It's it was just it's as I was working on it. It just came together as you know, this is a really I. Think unique an interesting way to present these arguments that for people who find Bitcoin to be. Too Complex can't wrap your head around it. This is a way that you can slowly build up that knowledge base, and even if you don't understand an argument, the first time like I said it's it's I. Think it's pretty easy. It's pretty inevitable so you can come back to it at any point we'll pushes again at the end of the show, but I guess I didn't say full yet. The book is Magic Internet money a book about Bitcoin when is it coming out and who are you hoping? Reads it so it comes out on October twentieth which actually probably win the time this is published will already have happened. Yeah. So I think this. Will be releasing this a little bit after it comes out but. Know I wrote it. It's it's four. My family is for my friends for my old colleagues. It's it's four I think anyone that wants to build their knowledge in it. It's not. You know I. Guess we'll probably get into this later. It's not just the nuts and bolts of how bitcoin works right it's. It's the philosophy of you know why bitcoin works why it's necessary why it came about I think you know you can't. It's you can't understand bitcoin if you don't understand the context in which it exists.

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