How to Have More Time for Yourself


It because I'm cleaning it like twice a day she was spending. Time. Available. But these are great they just. Done. You're out of there I can't believe it. What kind do you use I just saw Mr clean they are mister. Mister, clean. I said, you know what? Mister clean wide. Good this has happened twice I I saw him in a magazine, and then you mentioned back to sign our great. Great, how do you feel about the two hours and four minutes I think it's great and I put it to use and user tips and see what happens. You were saying you don't suffer from guilt you. Know. When I take time for myself away from my family I have no guilt at all because they have so much of May right now. More, she can take care of herself. She is give up herself to. Better mood and it's just better all the way around for every everybody. Okay Karen is a wife and mother of three young children and she works outside the home and she says, she knows she needs to take time for herself, but she so overwhelmed she's just trying to stay above water thousand. It takes me twenty minutes each and every morning trying to locate my car keys and it's so annoying when I get up and go to the draw Watt, put them in the evenings. My car keys are never there and it's probably because the kids are in and out of the drawers most of the evening the really sets me back and late for work almost every day. Each morning, I was about ten to fifteen minutes trying to find homework from the night before because the kids they do have homework and they do it in the evenings. But by the time we get up in the morning. No, one can locate it. So that takes away about ten or fifteen minutes. I get home every about five o'clock and what I normally do when I come through the doors, go right to the mail. I. Opened up each package and I look at it and I had to decide what's junk mail and what's. An actual bill that needs my attention. I go through the coupons because I love to clip coupons and they are very handy for me when I go to the grocery store. So I spent about thirty minutes forty five minutes every day going through mail. Ironing is a big project of my one of my bad habits leaving the jeans in the Dryer. So when you leave jeans in the dryer over certain amount of time, you have to iron them. I spent about fifteen minutes every day writing down the same information over and over again, the grocery lists and the babysitting rules. Kathy had no problem finding an extra hour. Day. Every morning you have to search for your car keys, causing you to be frustrated and stressed out. There's a simple solution to this problem. Just put a hook near exit door and every time you walk through the door, you hang your keys on this hook out of your kids reach. This is a simple thing to do, but it's GonNa Save you twenty minutes precious time every morning. You spend ten to fifteen minutes searching for homework papers, what I want you to do from. Now on every night Louis finishes his homework, take it and put it in this. Ben, which is on the kitchen counter that way in the morning all he has to do is grab his papers and put them in his backpack. This is going to save you fifteen minutes of searching time. Every afternoon after work, you spend thirty to forty five minutes going through the mail. Instead I want you to get the important pieces out the bills and such, and then put the junk mail, the coupons and all in this pouch, and then take the pouch which you to work and on your lunch time go through that mail and get those valuable coupons out. This is going to free up thirty minutes of your valuable time in the afternoon. I want you to use your computer to create some forms a babysitter form to the all you have to do is fill in the blanks at the time she'll be gone the rules Emergency numbers also create a grocery list so that when you go to the store all you have to check off the things that you need. This is going to save you ten minutes a day here, and you spend thirty minutes a day irony we're gonNA break this bad habit in a fun way by creating a game where kids can keep you accountable every time the dryer goes off and you don't get those genes out of the dryer. You're going to deposit some money in this jar and your kids get to keep it. It's going to free up thirty minutes a day that you can spin nurturing yourself. So, Kathy saved Karen a grand total. Of One hour and forty five minutes. and He's already using your time different. You're already using your time differently understand since we were at the House you've been jogging twice yes. I have Sunday evening and Monday morning when I got up I had that extra time I didn't have to look for the keys and I was jogging around the track and I said, wow, this is wonderful. Your children made. My son, he put a diamond himself. So you've been getting those genes out of the drywall. Yes. Yes he he'll remind me. We're talking about the importance of finding and taking time for yourself. If you can't do this for yourself, you should at least do it for your children. Katrina says, she realized how important it is to slow down the rhythm of your life after a powerful moment with her son. My husband and I talked a great deal about what we wanted our family life to be like and we both had a vision of home as a haven a place to escape from all the world's dizziness. It's very easy to fall into the trap of thinking that a good life is about doing everything my calendar used to be filled with as many activities for the children as activities for me but every time I started to. Think about really changing my life. You know how can we give all that we have? How do we choose what to do? Katrina. Had to figure it out and then the answer revealed it. So right before her eyes one day I was sitting crocheting strings, which are those strings that go through the arms of jackets. So kids want their mittens and Jack was tucked into my arm and he

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