The Gluten Connection to Osteoporosis and Autoimmune Diseases


System to respond to a bad virus or a bad bacteria. But when every time we eat gluten. Our doors are opening up and microbes. Chunks of food are flying into our bloodstream and our immune system is responding. This is when it just creates a lot of havoc and when the immune system starts attacking food particles, it can result in chronic inflammation. So for many this intestinal permeability. Not overnight but when it's happening day after day, you're after year, this is the connection to the development of autoimmune diseases. If you have an autoimmune disease that means for some reason, your own immune system has become confused and has a at has started to attack your body's own tissue. So it's you attacking you. This auto immune condition may be lupus. Rheumatoid Arthritis Lichen plus. Ms Dermatitis or any other autoimmune condition. The majority of people did not develop their autoimmune condition. Overnight inflammation is your immune system's natural response to anything. It sees as dangerous to your body. So the krona virus is a perfect example of the fact that inflammation is a result of the immune system trying to control the virus, the inflammation is trying to fight off that virus. We hear reports that medical professionals are now using steroids to control the inflammatory response to the coronavirus. Unfortunately for some people with intestinal permeability, the gluten, and even a small bite of birthday cake can lead to chronic inflammation and cassie said, if that goes on day after day month after month year after year, an autoimmune disease may develop. Yes, and I want us to focus on two points of this auto-immune story to facts. First of all, like you just repeated theresa an autoimmune disease for most all people does not occur overnight. and. The second thing we want to talk further about is that gluten seems to be such a big factor in the development of an autoimmune disease for a lot of people. So. Let's talk a little bit more about the biochemistry here. Every time your body is exposed to bad virus or a bad bacteria. Your immune system, memorize the structure of that invader. It's kind of like your immune cells have their own little brains with a memory and they're able to remember what that invader looks like so that if you come across that same virus. A year later your body can recognize it an initiate an attack right away and fend it off, and you might not even know you came across that virus for a second time. So there's great reason why Mother Nature developed this memory into our immune cells but that ability to memorize the shape of the invader is not really an exact science. In other words, the memory of our immune cells is not perfect. Now knowing this I, want you to realize that gluten is a pretty large protein in it actually resembles some of our own body tissue in particular gluten look similar to our thyroid tissue are you putting together the puzzle pieces? Gluten. Resembles the thyroid tissue. So for many people if they have a gluten sensitivity. Mainly or annoyingly every time they eat cold breakfast cereal or pasta or a GRANOLA BAR, their body attacks, the gluten, and it often attacks their thyroid too. If you can just remember especially all of you who have an autoimmune condition every time you eat gluten your immune system sends out white blood cells to search and destroy the foreign invader, which in this case is gluten. And we are going to talk more about that and when we come back, you are listening dishing up nutrition during this last week of October we are offering a fifteen percent savings on all of our key bone building supplements. When we return from break, Cassie will share a client success story. So be sure to stay tuned. Welcome back to dishing up nutrition as mentioned when we went. To commercial a couple of minutes. Oh, I, have a client story to share a success story We had a client by the name of Jennifer come to see US years back and she was diagnosed with osteoporosis at a young age and both her and her nutrition counselor in hindsight will tell you that that osteoporosis was a result of over exercising and eating a very low fat diet. But after regular nutrition counseling appointments after changing her diet and consistently take a great bone building product called Kiosk Gio plus Jennifer's last bone density tests show that she no longer has osteoporosis. She now has normal bone density. I don't think Jenner Jennifer believed that a normal bone density was possible for her I. Don't think a lot of people realize that that you can actually heal those bones and get back to a normal state but. Jennifer. Did keep in mind she was very committed. She follow the meal plan. As she was told, she took the key Osteo plus consistently and it paid off the results were more than she ever thought possible and she's not the only one we've had several clients over the years who've experienced these same amazing results.

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