Live Streaming Ecommerce: the new way to sell online


How about live streaming shopping then the verge is Carmen has an article about how livestream shopping has become huge in China and US companies are trying to catch it on here as well. Amazon. Launched live for influencers in July instagram facebook launched live shopping features in August Google their own. That's kind of on demand. It's not live the idea with these is to make a more modern shopping channel experience with influencers as the hosts, hundreds of millions of people tuned into shopping livestream. June in China it's just keeps going up and up. Kim Kardashian partnered with Chinese influence on one of these streams in China and sold fifteen thousand bottles of perfume like that. During an appearance the numbers are rising in the US now to forty thousand people watched Youtuber Nikita dragoons live shopping event on instagram five thousand items were added to shopping carts during the segment, all her branded products. So she was selling her own stuff direct to you. The people hosting live shopping streams already have dedicated fan bases that see them as friends. So the difference with QVC is with QBC. You got to know the hosts on QVC if you watched it a lot, you might kind of know the celebrity that shows up but these are folks were you feel like if you're in the influencers audience if you watch their youtube channel, you subscribe to them on Instagram you follow their tick talks you feel like you know them. So when they show up, it's not a stranger or a celebrity. It's a friend telling you like, Hey, this beauty product works great. Check it out. Also interactivities can you can you can take calls on QVC and they do that but this is live chat people who are savvy about talking to a chat room while they're doing the livestream, for instance, facebook and their Best Practices encourages folks to reply to everyone who DMZ comments according to Ashley's article on the verge. So this is one of those trends that keep an eye on. You're probably going to see this happening more and more, and it is a different spin on the old shopping channel idea. And also. It's a it's a it's a next step from what a lot of influencers are doing on their popular channels already. I actually sometimes there are people that I follow that I like and I trust I don't know that I would consider them friends but I like their content I would like to see something like this. In fact, I would like to experience this in a shopping stream type of way rather than be like Elizabeth Instagram Ad Oh? Yeah. They tagged at the end. Yeah. Okay. It's an ad. So I think that this is it. It makes a lot of sense sure there's going to be. People who are schilling things that they don't necessarily care about and that's just advertising general. But but yeah, that kind of fun. Let's hang out. Let's be interactive to me. This is not that different than watching somebody play a video game you're you're there and you're hanging out. Patrick on a scale of one to horrified how do you feel about this? Okay. So disclose your I actually was part of a set of a whole bunch of people who who did technology on Youtube or invited out to do a series of QVC type Um trials when Amazon was considering doing some while basically some programming like that it was really fascinating because one of the people there had been a term host with a certain high profile comedian on QVC and one talking to her about some of this is one of most fascinating conversations that I've ever had because they have a huge amount of control and it's all about kind of generating a certain amount of money permitted. Or second or however the metrics running. So on one hand, this makes perfect sense to me and it's it's if you're an influence, you're looking for revenue streams. This makes perfect sense. I'm kind of curious at what point they figure out how to generate more money permitted on this because at this point, it seems like it's super experimental and then Amazon will do Amazon does and they will figure out a way to turn it into this giant money generating beast of joy. But you know I think if you're an influence and you can get involved with this and you can pick up commissions why wouldn't you? Also I'm I'm curious why we're seeing Google's experimental arm put a on demand version out and according to this verge article at least one person didn't find that it that it worked very well why aren't they doing live shopping on Youtube? Why isn't that like a product that they've launched a little surprised? Maybe it's in the works in it'll come out to.

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