He's got major issues. Antonio Brown,


We were down this road. Months ago with Antonio Brown. I don't know why a league would ever let him back in and B, why anybody would want Antonio Brown. The books seem to have a good thing going. Much to my dismay. Quite frankly, Andi, I didn't think it was gonna happen with the bucks looking so good, especially so early, and they dealt with some injuries and things like that, But they've looked good, And they've been particularly look good on defense will give Todd Bowles a tonic credit. But offensively Brady it was an anti Brady. I thought Brady would be fine, but just the offense of system as a whole. It's look better than I thought it would be. There's no need for Antonio Brown. Even with the injuries to those wide receivers Whywould you, Carol Good a friend. Years what? Tom Brady. And I would say the same thing I'd say about any player that forces His team to make moves and bring in certain players that they want. I don't think it's right. I'm not about that. I would rather have the head coach and the general manager running things. Then I would the player in this case, It seems to me at least like Tom Brady. Is running things in Tampa Bay and gets his way here with bringing in his body Antonio Brown. Now maybe there's very little risk other than embarrassment, right? I mean, they're going to bring him in, and it's a one year deal. He's not getting a real money. So there's very minimal risk to it. A ce faras. You know the finances go, I guess, but when you talk about what it could do to the team and the organization That is a risk. You're risking something that is really there's no need to be risking right now. By bringing in a guy whose I mean, I think needs serious help. He's B and he seems a time most times to be beyond that serious help. He's got major issues. Antonio Brown, by the way, he's not even eligible to play until what week nine right when New Orleans would be taken on Tampa Bay. Assuming that there is a weeknight and we do get those games underway and Assuming now you know that could both do or do Teo do both of us. It's not to me the smartest move to make for an organization. You saw how it ended up with New England. And you know it didn't work out there even though on the fuel that looked like it was going to be productive, But it just couldn't keep him and they had to move on from Brown. What do you think? No other issues going to come up with Antonio Brown. I'd be stunned if that were the case. Absolutely stunned. And you look at what Tampa has done there in first place in the NFC south, their foreign to through their first six games here, as we mentioned before the offense looks pretty good. Evans is a beast again and always banged up. But even with the injuries, they still have so many weapons. Did they really need Antonio Brown? I always want something like this happens. I always go back to the old Great Seinfeld episode and the line about once Something's wet. It's wet. You can't be any more wet than way. Well, how many more weapons can you have on offense? You don't need in the NFL tip top weapons every which way and two or three guys that you know If you have one really good receiver, you should be fine. A solid back a great quarterback of good offensive one. You'll need Five starred weapons on offense. You don't need it. You got a good tight end. Good secondary receiver. The same old baseball. You don't need five aces. Really? You don't even need to miss Nice tohave supposed to come postseason, but you don't need that build a better balance. Books have shown to be about seem with way that Todd Bowles as that defense going, but but their offense is fine. You don't need Antonio Brown. And dealing with the headache that he is not potentially. He is headache. It's already going to be a headache. What do you think Everybody's here? We talk about what the Buccaneers now moving forward. Antonio Brown. Not about Tom Brady. And his first year with Tampa Bay now is going to be about Antonio Brown and how he fits into that locker room be met just a few short months ago. Although it feels like A very long time ago. You sure? Months ago. Bruce Arians said quote. He's not a fit in our locker room. So what makes you think he's going to be a fit in that locker room now?

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