Near 40 Slight chance for showers on Sunday Upper forties


Agriculture's Twitter page. Presidential campaign. While President Trump in Lumberton, North Carolina's blaming increased testing the new wave of Corona virus cases across the U. S cases. They're up, but listen to this. They all talk about cases you don't see death. Cases cases. You know why we have cases because we test so much no deaths there up to President Barack Obama, campaigning for Democratic candidate Joe Biden in Miami on his successor. He wants full credit. For the economy he inherited. And zero blame for the pandemic that he had no next to watch Tropical depression 28 that's formed in the northwestern Caribbean seas sort of in the middle between Mexico and believes to the West. And Cuba and Jamaica to the east. Chuck Secrets in ABC News. Good afternoon. Here's a look at Chicago Traffic. Kennedy inbound slows from Lawrence to Sacramento and north to the burned half hour from O'Hare downtown 20 from Montrose. Outbound is clear in the locals and express Eisenhower inbound just before Cicero police activity blocking the left lane,

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