Bobby Sharma on the Recent Esports Survey


Show is focusing on a study published in mid November, which is an annual look at the E Sports industry the studies conducted by Foley & lardner law firm and specifically fully Sports Entertainment Group where Bobby is a special advisor home study was also conducted a partnership with the Esports Observer. This is the third year the study would you introduce hundreds of Executives around Esports? I will go through all the findings here at all, like the full report below the show, but some of them That's that were of Interest Who did that 73% of survey respondents expect to see increased investment in Esports a Zappa demek wide Stewart head over Q4 2020 and q1 20-21 the study also touched on gambling house additional Sports could use Esports and better ways and a lot more interesting Insight from leading Executives across the US and Europe. Primarily Bobby took the different findings in the report was there would start that really stood out to you something that surprised you. What's what's all the data was done collected. I don't think anything surprised me. I think I mean this is a really interesting survey that fully laden has been conducting now for three years and it gets even more interesting with each passing year to see the evolution of the industry at least a perception of the the evolution of the industry in real time. But last year, you know looking at Trends is always really interesting last year. I think we saw a more mature birth. Level of investment come in in the sense that you had more private Equity Capital than Venture Capital than in the past which makes sense given that the sports industry is young but quickly maturing and there there seemed to be a lot more long-term Value Place for investors the pandemic of course thrown a wrench into everything and not you know to answer your question or directly. I'm not surprised that the findings of this survey basically are mixed in that of course, like all sports media and entertainment properties Esports has taken a hit to some extent because of the massive disruption because of covid-19 and depend emack that that's that's basically disrupted, you know, any any events or oriented business and whereas a lot of people understand these boards to live largely online the reality is that you log Culture lives, you know very much in person at large Gatherings and Arenas and stadiums and and in smaller scale type of event so that that's had a direct impact to the revenue but I say mixed because throughout this pandemic there has been certainly a perception that Esports has thrived and it's definitely true to a certain extent. It's been terrific for the Publishers because more people are playing video games more people have more time in the day because they're not competing or you know are at home where a lot of these things are consumed and participated in and no part of our survey questions and and the narrative that you mentioned you're linking that we put together from the results speaks to to those Trends where we've had some of the media companies reporting, you know web traffic up wage. 75% in terms of gaming you've had certain situations where you've had, uh, you know gambling become, you know, what will I'm sure we'll speak to that later become an actual regulated phenomenon for Esports that wasn't in the past because of in part because of the absence complete absence in the second quarter of this year of any traditional Sports at all to bet on so it's it's been I'd say the good is outweighed the bad and I think that's that's where the the survey Nets out for Esports and that it's it's taken a hit but a minor and it's it's poised for more growth going forward relative to traditional Sports, which is I think what makes these Sports so amazing is that it has such a big and under monetized and young and negatively digital Highly Educated High disposable income audience that everybody wants to to to connect with so long. So yeah, I think both the for the good and the bad good outweighing the bad the results are not too surprising and nothing really surprising to me. I should say

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