High school football player who attacked referee charged with assault


Football player. Is has been arrested and charged. It's in Texas. Held Ogle County for a classy assault for tackling a ref. The ref had a concussion. They believe it is being treated. And this guy's a star man Defensive player of the year last year kicker punter star wrestler for the school and he'd make he'll be perfect for the NFL won't be disgusting. And I want to tell you about the ref before we take your coal. We got James and Quero, which is near San Antonio. Of course. Hey, used to be a referent. Talk to him in just a second, But I want to say this Plus your call it 800 to +88 w B a P 800 to +889227 losses. This ref. This man. And I don't know how much they get paid. But I'm gonna guess nowhere near as much as a zip. You would think This man sacrifices his time. His money. His pay. In this family. To serve you. And you do this. He will salt him. You attack him. And I think about parents who attack The coaches and with the refs. And I have a friend who is a high school teachers and history teacher slash baseball coach and it's just horrible. He's told me over the years how Horrible parents treat him And how much they demand things about their kids and attack him and bully him and we'll get him try to get him fired. If they don't give them what they want. It's just horrific. These people, most of these people, overwhelming joy to them care. And here, folks are just destroying them. Who do you expect to be your wrath? What do you want to be? Who do you expect him or her to be? I mean, what do you want them to do? We're gonna coach do you want this is so horrible? You know? Is it really this common too? By the way, I mean this. This is unbelievable. 800 To 88 w B A P. James and Queiroz here on W B A p. D. James. They did it even serving love your show appreciate Thanks so much. Appreciate you. Uh, yeah. Hey, I got to tell you you just mentioned about you know the refs and coaches. It's getting harder. The foreign riffs. Getting real harder Find rescued. You write the pay's not great. It's usually a little extra part time money because they're not making it anyway. And most ribs that are still out there. It's because they almost have to think. And Yeah, this kid, though. The school of them because they almost have to be. Why? Because they need the money or because if they don't then no one will be there. Well, it's kind of both. You know, they need the money, but if they're not doing it, I mean he's going to do it. What do you know the average raff out there is over 60 years old. What is it? A lot of What does it pay? If you if you don't know, Guess what It pays right now. It just guess like for a game on a Friday night. I'll probably a little over 100 bucks. 150 bucks. Right. That's what I was thinking. Of course you want a but in there traveling most of our traveling 2 to 3 hours, a lot of time Special down in South Texas. We get guys over here in quarrel. They come from Houston that come from Austin. I mean, they're traveling. You know? Oh, yeah. Did you get reimbursed for

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