The presidential campaigns continue

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Carla. Harris appearing at in-person events in battleground states, Friday. After. Each testing negative for covid. Nineteen Harris also joining former President Obama. In an online fundraiser where he offered this comment on President Trump's INLEX. We're in the midst of a big political fight. And we take that very seriously. We also want to extend our. Best. Wishes that the president is dates first lady this week, the focus of the campaign shifts to the battle for the vice presidency with Harris set to debate vice president Mike. Pence in. Salt. Lake City on Wednesday Rockford our shoulders to the wheel through the work that is necessary Harris arriving there today. The candidates will now be seated twelve feet apart instead of seven, an additional corona virus precaution pence planes a rally the day after in Arizona. Meantime. To Biden team plans to continue campaigning Jill Biden on the trail in Minnesota today and Bernie Sanders stumping for Biden in New Hampshire which candidate has the temperament to see us through this difficult crisis.

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