Men went to Harvard, and that's not the only way in which


Class. Amazingly enough, I guess 40 odd years later. What does it say about Harvard Anthropology? That, um, that there was such continuity and that I guess someone who must have been a very young professor at one time remained on for many, many decades. Yeah. I mean, I think it speaks to a number of things. One is. It speaks to the fact that until 2005 Harvard didn't have any automatic policy of tendering, it's junior professors. Um and Carl was the last junior professor to be 10 years from within the anthropology department for The next 43 years. Um, and so it speaks to a kind of, um, inability of the institution that as an undergraduate, I was pretty blind, too. You know, I think Harvard is really good about celebrating and promoting the city among its undergraduates. On by think seduced by that and grateful to have been a recipient of that I didn't recognize the ways in which the

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