A look at leaf shine products, and how to clean leaves

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I wanted to get to the bottom of the league. Shine business and joining me to help answer. This question is larry hodgson aka the laid back gardner and the first question to tackle is. What's actually in that. Can of leave. Sean as you never know because if you look in the label it won't tell you. However it contains various products it could be silicone it could be different oils and no one really knows what's in you could check it out. You could contact the company and they probably give you the information. But essentially it's a shiny coating that is applied over top of the leaf larry's right really hard to find out exactly. Walt is in. That can spray bottle of leaf shine. Done some digging and looked at various product sheets for different leaf shine brands and is not a lot of illumination to be had there some of them list various things like nap though which is a solvent of petroleum based solvent some of the products list butane. Because i think that's what's used as propellant for the air assault while another listed it's active ingredient as peanin. What's that well. It's a chemical found in the essential oil get from pine trees and one type of pinning is the main component of up until and other than that is just vague references to mineral oils and waxes and very little specific information about the ingredients. Adid find a recipe for a leaf shine. Spray in a book called practical formulas for hobie or prophet by henry goldschmidt. This came out in one thousand nine seventy three and it lists the ingredients as vp slashing. Va one dash five three five three to five percent. Carbon wax fifteen hundred at point two zero two point three five percent. I say pro panel at thirty one to twenty nine percent and propellants sixty five percent. So obviously that's roughly what we're talking about here. How long have these leaf shines bid around. Well i couldn't find an enormous amount of information on the history of lee shine sprays. But i did find a book dating from nineteen thirty three called the chemical formula re by harry bennett and eat dade list recipe for relief. Shine spray then which didn't sound that much different from the ones we use today so so they've obviously been around for at least well ninety years and probably a bit longer so could leaf shine. Help our plants. I was larry. No it's not gonna be good. It's not going to be good for several reasons. The most office ones courses many leaves have still not on the top and the bottom and if you spray on the top of the leaf you're blocking their breaking to is how how they breathe so yes. It reminds us d'amato tomato if you prefer. Is the breathing holes of the plant and if he spray something onto the leaf. That's going to block those holes. Well that's going reduce the amount of gas exchange. That is able to do so. You're keeping the plot from breathing correctly. So that's not going to be good also some of these not all of them. Some of the make more sticky pickup dust. And that'll block the plaza's well cut off night. And if you have cats for example of homer or dogs that shed it'll make these covered in for just not good either one thing people don't think about though is that if the leaf is shiny extra shawny abnormally shiny is actually reflecting. It's not absorbing light. So you're cutting back on the light that the plant gets and that's a major one now only are Decreases up by a small amount but still most plants indoors just barely enough to survive. You don't want to block the light. They tend to them. So that's three different reasons. They're not such a good thing. Yeah i don't know about you. But i really don't fancy having wolfe's we will shed very much. But i still don't want his hairs sticking to my arrowhead leaves. It's not a good look at that point about reflecting light. Well that's a really good one. That i hadn't thought of. Yeah every little drop of light counts when you're indoors where light levels are so much lower so by spraying on leaf shine. You might actually be juicing your chances of optimizing photosynthesis

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