Now equipped with new


Now equipped with new cameras that constrain alive feedback to our district offices. It's an innovation and helps us beam or where for the conditions along the different sections of highway with a dot says the plows will keep them informed of road conditions in real time. And keep drivers. Better. Updated to Nick Runs recommends always checking whether forecast or go to a z 511 dot com for road conditions around the Valley. All you got to do is stay right here because we're live from the Valley Chevy Dealers Traffic Center. Here comes the update with JP Fox. Not on the east side of town. Things are looking a very good no issues on the 202 Red Mountain, her stand time freeways and us 60 eastern and Western also very light. Seen a little bit of volume 10 westbound right around us 60 transition, but no major hang ups and out on the West side. I 10 I 17 and state route 51 are looking good, And right now we're accident free. This report is sponsored by Ace The helpful place Black Friday. Today's this Friday only visit ace hardware dot com To get your coupon for 50% off any item under $30 in store or online, see

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