Iran scientist linked to military nuclear program killed


In an apparent assassination and the country's foreign minister is accusing Israel. Fox is Benjamin Hall with the latest This is a major blow to the Iranian nuclear program must've factors are they is not only the head of that program. He is the man known as the father of the Iranian bomb, and he's reportedly being on a Mossad hit list for many, many years. This is someone that Secretary Pompeo Netanyahu have mentioned by name and he was ambushed in a wealthy suburb outside Tehran. The Attackers reportedly blew up a truck as he passed by with his bodyguards. Then five of them got out and opened fire on his car. It is a remarkably audacious, sophisticated operation in the heart of Iran. Iranian foreign minister is already blaming Israel on an adviser to supreme leader Khamenei has said the U. S. Is seeking war, adding that Iran would quote descend like lightning on the killers of this oppressed Marta. Have you bought a mega million's ticket? Yet? The

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