Caller Unhappy With Dr. Sebastian Gorka's Criticism of Ron DeSantis


I was hoping to take a minute, maybe 90 seconds and address the top of my Friday, I think. All the people that are just outright attacking Ron DeSantis the past couple of days. And I saw an interview last night. Our newsmax, where the whole interview Brian understand us. And then they brought in a couple of people to respond to runs interview and one of the people with sub gorka. And I'm just on fire after sub gorka said that Seth was all wrapped up about Santa's being silenced for two whole days. After the Trump announcement that he was going to be arrested and then he was mad about sub was mad about Ron DeSantis using the term hush money for a porn star. And he was upset because others were thinking about that's what the case is about. Hush money to a porn stock. But what really got to me was when this was a quote, Ron DeSantis looked into a camera. Point this thing, everyone said, you are a former jag rang, meaning judge efficacy general. Rule of law should matter to you. And I thought I was just, I just went back. For the past year, I'd just like to remind everybody that in April of 2022, Ron DeSantis signed a bill banning CRT from Florida schools from kindergarten to 12th grade. In August of 2022, he formed the election crimes in security office, which has been very successful, but he's looking in the voter fraud. Also in August of 22, Ron DeSantis fired that Soros prosecutor Andrew Warren for not doing his job. I want how many people remember that in September of 2022. We

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