Powder, threat sent to Manhattan DA investigating Trump


A new threat was sent to the Manhattan DA investigating Trump. I'm Lisa dwyer. A powdery substance was found with a threatening letter in a mailroom at the offices of Manhattan district attorney Alvin Bragg. It's the latest security scare as the prosecutor weighs a potential historic indictment of former president Donald Trump, the letter said Alvin, I'm going to kill you. That's according to a person familiar with the matter, officials determine the substance was not dangerous and was sent to a city lab for further investigation that discovery was in the same court building where a grand jury on the Trump case is expected to resume work on Monday, hours earlier, Trump had posted on his truth social platform that any criminal charge against him could lead to quote potential death and destruction. Trump also posted a photo of himself holding a baseball bat next to a picture of brag on Thursday, Trump referred to Bragg Manhattan's first black district attorney as an animal, I'm Lisa dwyer

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