Flaco the escaped zoo owl can remain in the wilds of NYC


An escaped Eurasian eagle owl from the Central Park zoo can remain in the wilds of New York City after two weeks of living the free life. Flacco flew the coop February 2nd after his enclosure was vandalized, but the owl never went far a foray to Fifth Avenue. Police using yellow crime scene tape to block the area. The owl's little head on swivel watching the crowds and cops watch him, then days of flying around the park, perched in trees and on the grass, crowds taking pictures, but zoo officials had concerns about Flacco hunting on his own after living in captivity, so they spent time trying to lure him with bait and owl calls. Finally, evidence he's hunting Flacco coughs up fur and bones. There are pictures of him catching and feeding on rats, now zoo officials are suspending recovery operations saying they'll keep a close eye on the owl's health for now. Julie Walker, New York

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