Episode 110 - May 28th, 2023 - Boston Making History??? - Burst 12

On The Rekord


This is boss winning game 7, but I'm like they won by one by luck. So I'm like game 7 to me is like, if you're a boss and figure not comfortable. I don't know they're not comfortable. And if you're Miami fan, you're like, you're disappointed, but you're like, okay, we can do it again. But you have the legs for it. You got the breath, you conditioning for it. You have the mental stamina to endure this again. Exactly. I don't know, man. I really don't believe they do man. I'm sure Jimmy Butler does, but this is body can handle it because you know, like I said, Jimmy can he can run against the wall every now and then and burn himself out. And now we don't know. That wall you're talking about, I was looking to see it maybe game three or four of Denver. The wall is going to be tomorrow. That's the wall bro. I think you're right. Walls game 7, man. Whatever energy he could have. You could have had along with rest. That shit be sale, bro that ship is sale. Unless it plays out of his mind, has the best career. Bam is, to me, them is a key. 'cause they're giving you shots. But you gotta make it. Yeah? Yeah, you do. Four or 5 and 6, you gotta come bring it, bro listen. If I'm slow, you gotta put Kevin Love it on that front line, man. It's not right. Grab these rebounds. He's not right. Well, you need someone. You need someone. That's not right. That's a problem. He used to start and then they took on the rotation. I think he's hurt too. It's a damn shame. That's a problem with Miami is that they're basically limping into this playoffs. Damn. Tyler hero, Victor LL depot, Kyle Lowry, Kevin Love. For your players that were giving you quality, you know, minutes, they're hurt. Listen, the window that Pat Riley's got along with the way the east is. You got to get another great player for Jimmy. Now, so what do you predict for game 7? Honestly, if I'm a betting man, I could predict a ten point difference in favor of Boston. Maybe I'd say probably ten 13 point difference to your Boston. Most of my plus 13, I could see I could see an 87 one O one type situation. I got three and a half push. I can see either team pushing. And winning narrowly. I don't see a blowout. I can't see a ten point lead for Boston. What's up, man? I'm just, I'm looking at a team who had them dead to rights, I think that's going to be psychologically spent as they are physically spent. But more psychologically. Like, you know, like, you know, at this point, everybody's, you know, physically spend and stuff like that, but your body adjusts. Psychologically speaking, I think then boys is done, bro, I really do. You know, I don't think so. This is, this is the very worst case scenario for Miami. I think this is something they can salivate. Because if you think about their AC, no, they shouldn't be here, but they should be, but you are. So it's like, okay, if punch way above their way, but I think they've reached their, I think they reach their maximum, man. I really do. I got a three and a half. I think they have a Vegas guy at three and a half. Could usually when there's three and a half, that means you figure the home team. So usually when it comes to sports bets, if you see a plus negative three negative 7 or negative ten, they favor the home team. But I think they got a three and a half. So it was three and a half that means that it's a push. Listen, I'm looking at momentum. I mean, I don't see my ultimate Boston. Games four and 5. Yes. Game 6 to me, I look as a fluke. I think it's the same bet, bro. It was the hand of a guy that got that child 'cause they had less time, like if everybody was 2.1 on the clock, they're outta here. They're not, it's over. But this is the same thing. We said last year in that game 7, between these two teams. You know, there was one shot away from being eliminated. Yeah. It was Jimmy Butler, that made that shot, right? I think he shot a three coming up. He took you, buddy, but then go in. Yeah, he took it. He rimmed out. Yeah, man. So who's to say, but I can say it's a man fortune favors the bold man. We will find out. Boston's been hella bold in a situation that they put themselves in that they are like on the verge of turning around. Here's to me, who's a player, if Miami really wants to help Jimmy Butler out?

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