The Strange Behavior of Biden in Connection With the DC Crime Bill


Washington D.C. was pushing forward a revision of the old criminal code governing the District of Columbia. And because Democrats and left wing Democrats dominate Washington D.C. as they do so many other cities, this update of the criminal code was essentially weakening anti crime provisions in the code. And so for example, it reduced minimum, reduced the maximum sentences that were in the old code. It eliminated nearly all mandatory minimum sentences. Like if you do X, you must get at least 6 months. So you must get at least a year. Those were eliminated. And they expanded the rights of criminals. So what's new? This is really what the left does. This is what Democrats do. And it doesn't seem to matter to them that the crime rate in the city and the cities are high or are soaring. They're like, this is who we are. This is what we do. We are on the side of the criminals. We're going to make life easier for them. We're going to make the hardship less. And so the mayor, muriel Bowser, who was who basically goes, you guys are going too far. I'm going to veto this new criminal code. It turns out the left wing D.C. city council overrode her veto. So this was about to be the new code for Washington, D.C., but guess what? Washington, D.C., according to the law, is under Congress, is under the federal government. So even though the Democrats talk about home rule, the Washington D.C. needs to make its own decisions, govern itself, the simple truth of it is that Congress has every right to pass laws that can not only affect Washington, D.C., but can override decisions made by the city council. It turns out that there is a majority both in the House and the Senate to kill this D.C. criminal code update. In other words, to defeat it, but of course, normally, if Congress passes a law to defeat the D.C. criminal code, Biden could then veto that law. And if you vetoed that law, it would not pass because of course you need a super majority to override a presidential veto. But in a big surprise move, a Biden has said that he will sign the law.

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