The Reason for the Nixon/Trump Venom With John O'Connor


It seems like the Nixon and Trump situations are somewhat anomalous. And by that, I mean, they didn't seem to. They tried to go after Reagan on Iran contra. I'm sure they weren't happily happy with either HW or Joe or W, but it seems that there's a particular venom that I see with Nixon and now resurrected with Trump. What is the reason for that? It's all visceral. When the recent Watergate shows were on, like one produced by John dean on CNN. Every now and then, they just gratuitously throw in Trump. Oh, yes, Trump and Nixon. They're both can be cartoonish figures to the left. And Nixon was never a Hollywood guy. He was never a great glad hander, like Bill Clinton was always charming. John Kennedy starring Barack Obama's charming. Trump, to a lot of people, rushed people the wrong way. He's a bull in the China shop, and that's why he got elected, frankly, because people were disgusted with the China shop. So they're very much similar in that sense, what I would say about Nixon is he both of them have sort of a certain contentious personality and so when met with issues, Nixon becomes cheerless Trump becomes combative and it's easy to say, oh, look at this guy. He's a terrible guy. That's all it is. It's visceral. Nothing, not a lot of substance to it.

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