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AP sports I'm David Schuster, it's round two for both the NBA and NHL playoffs and Tuesday night at Madison Square Garden. It was game two between New York and Miami and Tom Marion was there. The next show some heart when they needed it most to beat the heat one 11 one O 5 and game two to tie their Eastern Conference semifinal series at a game of peace. The Knicks already down a game where down 6 points of the heat with 7 minutes remaining, but outscored Miami 24 12 the rest of the way, as Jalen Brunson and Josh Hart combined for 20 points down the stretch. Jimmy Butler missed the game for the heat with an injured ankle, but Julius Randle returned from his ankle sprain to score 25 for the Knicks. Brunson let all scores with 30. Meanwhile, out in the Bay Area, Anthony Davis had 30 points at 23 rebounds. The Lakers taking game one against Golden State one 17 one 12. Over in the NHL, it was game one between Florida and Toronto and John leatherbee has the details. Part of her hanky scored the tie breaking and eventual game on a goal in the second period as Florida doubled up Toronto four two at Scotiabank arena for hanky took a breakaway pass beating Ilya Samsung for his third goal of the postseason. Nick cousin Sam Bennett and Brandon montour also scored for the peppers, while Matthew nyes with his first NHL goal and Michael bunting replied for the buns. Charlotte widow for four on the power play at Sergei bobrovsky made 34 stops for the win. Game two is Thursday night. And down in Dallas, Yanni gourde scored the game winner in overtime Seattle prevailing 5 four over the stars, turning the baseball, the Yankee snapped their four game losing streak forward to over Cleveland, Gary Cole, with another good outing. It was a good punch and counter punch and I was glad to be able to get deep enough that, you know, we could use our guys, you know, and leverage if we did indeed get the lead, which we did. In Tampa, the rays improved to 24 and 6 with a four one victory over Pittsburgh. Elsewhere, Ryan monkcastle hit two home runs Baltimore 11 7 over Kansas City, and Connor Wong had two home runs, Boston 7 6 over Toronto and back in pro basketball, Joel embiid of the Philadelphia 76ers named the league's MVP. I'm David Shuster, AP sports.

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