The Oakland A's Are Moving to Las Vegas


Big thing is we're in sort of this baseball mode a little bit. The Oakland a's, first and foremost, can't play baseball. That's a big one. Yeah, they've won three games. I think 8 to 9 games out. We're not even two weeks into the season good. I mean, they're starting as horrendous. I mean, everything's bad. But now they have bought, it looks like land in a shocking shocking Las Vegas. They paid they're getting ready to build a agreement is for 49 acres on the side owned by red rocks resort. The parent company of station casinos, they told the Las Vegas journal of 1.5 million 35 seats stadium, 35,000 he stated with a parcel tried to roof will be built on the side, adding the other developers, including restaurants and amphitheaters are being discussed. The a's warrant with Nevada and Clark county on public private partnership to find the stadium, Kabul says the a's hope to break ground by next year and hope to be moved into their new home by 2027. The Las Vegas Raiders now are going to have the Las Vegas a's. It appears. Or whatever they're going to call them because that's a terrible name. You know? It's a shame because I think if you want to watch good as baseball just put on the movie Moneyball, that's about as good as it gets. Oh yeah. And of course when they had the bash brothers and all the steroids and all the fun stuff. But honestly, we need to talk about the fact that Oakland just has absolutely nothing left. Oakland had the Raiders which were there like everything. They go to Vegas. And the a's are their second everything. Yes, they have the warriors, but the warriors are now in officially in San Francisco.

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