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A couple of their platforms. It'll be on Linear TV, ESPN Plus, ESPN YouTube's channel. So get into it with Pat about why he's going to ESPN. Why he's leaving his fan dual contract early. What the process was like to get to ESPN. There's been some backlash from his audience about the show possibly changing and getting sanitized. Pat addresses all that. Will he still be able to have non ESPN? How much ESPN will be involved in the show? Get into all that. Get into Pat's time with the WWE. Get into a little bit of Pat on college game day. And just what the show is like is Aaron Rodgers interviews. All of it covered with McAfee in this interview. No Sal Licata this week. No train of thoughts. A little scheduling issue, but we got Pat for a long time. So works out just fine. Before we get to Pat, if you've missed any recent episodes, make sure you go to the archives and check them out. We had Stone Cold Steve Austin and Richard Dyche on the program last week. Two weeks ago, we had Mike North, the NFL VP of broadcast planning on putting together the 2023 NFL schedule along with Dan Rappaport of Barstool Sports on golf. Mike Breen, Ian Rappaport, Rich Eisen have all been on the podcast in recent weeks as well. So if you missed any episodes, go into your archives, check them out. If you've never heard the pod before, subscribe, leave a review on Apple. All right, here we go. One hour plus conversation coming up right now with a mega sports media star. Pat McAfee right here on SI Media with Jimmy Trana. All right, joining me now, this is a big one. We've got one of the biggest stars in the entire sports media world and he doesn't do a ton of pod. So thrilled for the first time to have Pat McAfee on SI Media with Jimmy Trana. Pat, thanks so much for doing this. What's going on? Hey, thank you so much for having me, Jimmy. I think there's way too much of me already out there. So I get offered some opportunities to come on podcasts. I try not to do it because there's, you know, just like I said, my voice is heard way too much and the people that don't like me don't need to hear more of me and the people that like me already have listened to me enough every single day after my show is done. But with everything that has happened in the modern sports media world with me right now and the way you have, you know, you've kind of given us a fair shake. It feels like not a lot of media people have through our entire thing you have. So whenever I was asked to come on this, I genuinely was pumped to do it and pumped to do it and thankful that you're having me on here, Jimmy. Well, I appreciate that because I do try to be fair and, you know, I think everyone has things they like and things they don't like. It's kind of funny too because I feel like, I don't know if you get this, I'd be curious. I feel like you're way more of a positive person than I am. I feel like you're generally rooting for people. You like people. I mean, I have people and things I don't like, but it is funny. And, you know, I always say I hate to use social media as the basis for this. But if you go on there and you say you don't like this person or this show or something, people say you're an asshole, you're negative, you're miserable. And then if you go on there and you're like, oh, I love this person, people are like, oh, you kiss ass. So you can't win no matter what. You can never win. So you can't pay attention to it. Well, the Internet's awesome. You know, the Internet is always going to have the Internet's always going to have its thoughts. The Internet is always going to get its jokes in. And the Internet's always going to let you know if you're kind of fucking up too, though, which I certainly appreciate. And I've been a diehard Twitter user since basically Twitter's my first social media. I dove into Twitter is still my main source of social media. I think Twitter is the most powerful. I think Twitter is the best. I think you learn the most. It's the quickest. It's most efficient. Everything like that. I've been through a couple different iterations at Twitter now with different ownership groups. And Twitter will always survive because in premise, it is fantastic. But you have to treat it like a focus group. And I think there was a lot of networks in a lot of places that were potentially changing their entire mindsets and mottos and business plans because of what they were reading on Twitter. It's like you certainly should take it in as a focus group. If a majority of people are saying something, you should certainly take it into account and maybe address it. But whenever you're talking about a few hundred people being an asshole, versus like a few hundred thousand people watching or a few million people watching, you kind of got to take it in for what it is. And I think we're becoming a society that understands what Twitter is and what trolls are and what the internet just naturally is no matter what you do. Yes. All right. So since you said all that, might as well start here because we're sort of on that path. When it came out that you were going to ESPN, I wrote a column. I was surprised by the negative reaction. How much was negative compared to how much was positive? You would know that better than me. But I know you maybe were also taken a little bit of back by it. Now I have my theory on it, which I'll get into, but tell me just what that experience was for you when it became announced that you were going to ESPN in the fall. I appreciated you writing that.

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