Hiroshima bomb survivors on G7, want people to remember


As world leaders came together last week for the G 7 meeting in Hiroshima Japan, atomic bomb survivors spoke of their experiences and the threat posed by nuclear weapons. Two elderly men who were babies when the bomb hit and a woman who was born soon after, explained the complicated feelings of watching leaders of current nuclear weapons powers, visiting the city, first hit by an atomic attack. Whose director of the Hiroshima prefecture confederation says he has no idea if the leaders fully understood what we are saying, but when they go home, I think they should open a explain to their people what survivors have gone through. And satoshi Tanaka also an atomic bomb survivor are now 6 general of a liaison conference group ads, as the leaders were visiting the peace park you know, it was raining while I was wondering why it was raining. And I really think it was the hibakusha and those who perished in the atomic bombing, crying. The trio spoke of their hopes for the abolition of nuclear weapons. I'm Charles De Ledesma

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