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Of the seahawks and the redskins worked for having to go 75 yards to get the goahead touchdown horseracing kirk kuznits through a wall down to the thirty nine yard line to set up this play from the thirty nine in seattle territory qureshi hers righttoleft pelson said the guy gets the snap fourman rush going forward all down the left sideline guiding attacked catch took a walk yard lie josh back said wanna catch doctors at spreading out fully at the yard line was not touched by richard sherman wall all scott in the end zone wound up being marked about a foot foot and a half short and then rob kelly takes it in in a redskins get an watch needed victory and what is this do for this redskins deal upcycle lodge jon idigoras great coaching job for shebar the coaching staff could have stayed in the tanker let the team be in the tank they did not gird cousin tattered had a great game he played well and that guy dodge and he needs more point well what what is the jack in the kashmir what a job by kirca's it's at so many people are talking about her cousins rightfully so he's been franchised each of the last two years and he's a potential free agent at the end of the year and a lot of people have said well he could go to san francisco for the reunion with kyle shanahan and all that kind of stuff and they're all the people are saying hey we you pay of the all right is he that good a quarterback easy of franchise quarterback certainly every was later today was today because everything was against statement in when he threw the ball he got here about four or five times today that would rattled your t ten there he just gonna play in a daycare play in seattle was not ready to.

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