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This broadcaster presented by forty schwartz usa the seattle she often washington redskins it may not be reproduced a retransmitted nearly four we counted descriptions of to the scheme may not be disseminated without the express written consent sports usa the coo auction in the redskins well it's been a heck of a balkan not a lot of scoring but a very intense game cares and seattle needs a victory or they will fall one game behind the la rams for first place in the nfc west the there's a sense of dense full rations throughout this secondhand fleurian suit my favorite thirty four thirty five zero he was a climactic your it is second on twelve right now empty backheel receivers love to the right for the sale of forty nine posits hits hit gaza just sat back at the forty five yard line and sack of the day michael bennett nick at the six sack of the day michael bennett we'll get credit for that one and it's third and forever o'clock is running 320 63 25 to go so now you the redskins who want to take time off the i would think you would want near john you not and then he pots seattle will get the ball back with a couple of minutes left here in seattle will take a timeout here on serb without silk carried he russell wilson is so adapted his two men who take offense i will go to jail affected it's a droplet and they give it to thompson and chris johnson is going to go out of bow jonah love side of the fifty yard line what they say was down before he went out so the clock continues to one to forty six to forty five and the plenty will come on for the redskins now the redskins run this thing all the way down it will be about 210 were they plotted you take time out here for seattle i i shuwaikh i had been there dan i just hit but a lotta time went off the clock about ten seconds off the clock worth karn phenomenon.

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