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Mere crazy it's only a couple of months and i queue of fly uh i have to fly to koerbel saintleu on monday to a receiver jim flick award giga wait yet to fly to kabul yeah exactly which is a fantastic place i went there last year by chance and dig into play golf although i've i've heard many good things about the golf course down there so i have to get back obviously that's important there but congratulations because i think you know anybody's listen to this show knows how near and dear jim flick was to my heart personally he he was a great friend he was a great guest in the show regular contributor and a guy who is always so selfeffacing at amine again putting him up there with you one of the best quality people i've ever met in my life and still hold you you said the jim flick award a jim should have so many awards named named after him it will be a long list but congratulations on that and why is it in kabul i mean it's great place to go for you for for us east coast guys have to fly the west coast is not that great a flight l o w for that award abdul more travelling i want but uh uh you know what you have to do uh uh make it worthy of what you you got to do it well let's go back and talk about s starting golf teaching as profession and you obviously were at the forefront of that and jim flick was right there mr flick is certainly a leader at you but a hall of famers up there with with the great of the game ever and and such so they had your name mentioned with jim flick doesn't surprise me the fact that you're receiving jim flick award is outstanding i know how elated you are because of that because he meant so much to you as well just equality person which is what bob task it has become over the years and just a a great.

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