New York Red Bulls Travel to RFK Stadium for Last Time in Decision Day Clash


We did you hear any of this stuff that we were rumored to hear from yankees fans at the stadium during these little three games there is rumors of people i aj hitched family got beard poor on board on them hurricane harvey chance really bad stuff we regarded the paper but i didn't see any of that were i was which was between first and third bases ready to happen the upper decks of the outfield but i i saw only total respect probably in pockets might not get a chance to speak with you before then so lewis just assume and hope that the astros win this dyers astros world series how does it layout in your mind okay i think the home fields remain a lot and i think that the dodgers won the first two that you win the next two out of the next three and a half to win in la that's all i think i'll take it because the dodgers have so you have of the two they got a payroll like over two hundred million so you have a lot of room for error in there i love the bay a b bombers from a two hundred plus milliondollar payroll i doubt rice my favorite a hug like to a coach a reward your order gives you two hundred billion a payroll urb room for error here to be that way around here are a few years but hey for now we'll take it where it the way it is i feel so much better the showed up liens may i told you i'll be back all you on twitter for the pierre though no barlow's underscore man awesome okay thanks for taking longer be your next week it for the world series absolute another reengineer any next week i told you last we come on a show cause we'll be hour love already booked the hotel as ride the astros world series marlins man is confident and we're confident because puzzle lauded let it nice to meet you finally end up thanks or stop by marlins man here on sports talk seven ninety we'll take a quick break before we do got to tell you guys.

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