We're going to be promoting our new movie


We're going to be promoting our new movie our romantic funny in hit movie he had movie doll park yes who knew who out their new that oh moon we senate around dogs could capture no big could capture love the way that this movie hass so listen basketball fans all you all out there hopeless romantics heartbroken and even angry lovers out there you need to go see this film every lubbers oh you when you have a fight with your lover you angry that don't our i a beggar will are talking about angry lyon europe prodi just going to have my what do the about they were saying larry so what this movie will hear your heart okay how would you if you a divorce a you know with angry lovers saw angry love resist skip over the hearing this okay i mean well melanby she's happy when's he's disputing her lover oh case he smiles either be all right so we want to give you all hope again hope their true love is really out there for you in his look in his search and for you find me but you got to be ready you gotta be ready will love finds you i'm ran that the bar bold the warning him where are you working on sale video pictures cells so here promoting the hit sensation dog park i though waiting for me to get to this part with waiting for me to get through this finally we bought to introduce them well yeah we are so here uh joining me put your hands together meetings in then for ms g two niece dixon writer director producer star creator of the film dog parka jay patrick wise in the house i got so many other vote in here i wanna introduce you are to burma introduce you when i see them in the chair guy sarah cars learn i got dhammika dean hijabs laura dern laura and yet and me of course.

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