Like a purse yet level i am a monster fan of his approach to basketball


You know i credit that that was the net i'm on i'm in the corridor leading into the clippers locker room after the game and patrick beverley is screaming a lot of obscenity that i care of people but essentially you know dunk don't come at me with that your week what not again uh a lot of pro satiety that you really coulda drove home that this was a game that pat beverley water to show lonzo ball and really is father who was sitting one robot high court side this isn't ucla this isn't chino hills that this is the nba i gotta x x lindsay though i i love petty like like a purse yet level i am a monster fan of his approach to basketball in many ways i just wanted you to know that i'm here for that what i will ask though beyond that just quickly before we get back to all this other stuff what was this game like outside of the ball versus beverley matchup in terms of what you saw from the lakers and would you saw from the clippers you know from the lakers i kind of so what i thought i would see i mean you don't wanna put too much emphasis on practices ah in the preseason but they haven't looked at good and there are a young team lifted lonzo ball nineteen years old but do as is expectation in los angeles that maybe the lakers have caught up with the clippers maybe if the coin flip to see where the best year in los angeles is ah ah and i never thought like that i mean again this is a team that's being built to kind of compete for these free agent next summer i mean i think they're gonna get worse before the improved this year i mean i think we're gonna see a couple of trade during the course of this year so the lakers can be in a position next summer to offer to max deal so again.

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