I see so it was the most pivotal episode


In terms of my know back story i still remembers gene online a description of this upcoming show survivor and it's i'm by fascination of reality tv and those who listen to us podcast about who've done it probably doesn't come as any surprises i've always thought his kind of this weird crossover between like the breakfast club in an agatha christie mystery where you got the strangers who don't know each other who are forced to kind of be together but then they hit us our bumping off each other one by one as a little bit of like you know and then there were non and a little bit of like a this the scottish group of disparate people and so that's just idea of a people getting kinda will down one by one just always interested me and iso i've been in it literally from day one episode 1 in all the seasons of a survivor there's only one single episode that i have ever it can you guys guess which when that was i see so it was the most pivotal episode of probably would i would i think is the most pivotal episode of the entire series that really set the tone for all these reasons of survivor hazard a guess and say i don't know if you're speaking sarcastically or is sincerely there i would i would say it was the coconut chopped challenge in survivormarquises the atlanta oh man i was going to say something from redemption island because i thought here from a sarcastic is here you're you're aims to us again this of why we have you on your responsible for bringing the being the quizmaster for you know rob on the central podcast we were trying to turn onto you but you will return it onto us talk about agatha christie as twist.

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