Notebook: Riverview's rally sets up showdown with Parkway Central | High School Football


Soda game the multiple saw the game here today a attempted particularly here which really friday folks are goes him own farther north or football saying france the direction that of all of the quarterbacks broke holly in the gaza we have select eva's ruined clearly vision from the time we had to address if they're a little show but amama naive to the fact the player personnel people caught iran's away so was our conversation on on other free agents particularly leading up to the deadline of training what's those those jobs but as far as the showing any player while portion was not involving any call the sessions spoke should have veteran quarterback a different tone there on his angry not a selfrighteous not as how dare you got i get it mike mccarthy is going through what's happened in india metabolism down houston it's brutal lose you starting quarterback and i don't trying to rank a the brutality on a scale who's suffering more texans fans and team gold fans that team or or up in green bay it's all of all the way around the shawn watson andrew aaron rodgers it's awful but you are as a fair question and give very clear answer in a few weeks larry gave the opposite answer so why mccarthy lied right either he lied or does know what's going on he has no power some people would use the word i'm not using it i'm just saying somebody would use the word incompetent to describe that approach ed stressful thing trying to build up your young quarterback but maybe now's the time to ask why not colin kaepernick if you're sitting there in houston in your a game back in your division why not colin cabinet if you're sitting there and green bay and it turns out hungary's probably not ready look packers are and be the same team without aaron rodgers but they've lost tune row and it doesn't mean you just give up when asked while they're not not ef when brock osweiler goes out and throw seven pigs i'm heavy down seven maybe seven now this weekend why not calling gathering i'm not.

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