On Air with The Peter Heck Show Discussing officer, chris davis and indianapolis


The church to come together talked by what they're offering maybe that'll go a long way to reduce us on the violent crime nothing sheet church leaders employ police joints together for a peace walk on the city's north was side saturday morning to try and put an end to the deadly shootings the walk was organized by i am haiti's northwest district and united northwest area churches another fatal shooting around one this morning this one on wildwood farms drive on the south east side a teenager was killed police are still talk two witnesses robbed a a retired police officer near forty six than shave london lawrence friday night i'm chris davis on the north side of indianapolis large police say the burglars got away with a vietnam era grenade they don't know if it's live with they're treating it like it is just out of caution they also took guns and three police badges if you know anything about it.

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