Widely used during pos lifestyle


Um po used the used the name is a pseudonym for a character in the literary life of thing i'm bob esquire and and this opet out awkward have been very widely used during pos lifestyle i never heard of this before over the box come now novel it is it is but you may have found some variety of epidemic doc in there usually assassin morella base madison those were very popular at the time um so errors sas parrella madison was a very common one there are lots of other ones but anything was asked guerrilla wish we gotta opportunities a staffer raila at celery base medicines were incredibly popular we've talked about lydia pink comes before she's great can't find it so find wuchang comes out there yep so us then the kind of vegetable base medicines are salarybased medicine to very popular a blister plasters like a mustered plaster these were to use which about ready to 40s is like a counter irritant so you have inflammation or infection or something going on somewhere in the body and you put this plaster unhealthy skin somewhere else it will air tate the skin and cause inflammation they're drawing blood away from the site of injury illness and making you better making your more annoyed that you might find these and a doctor's kit maybe some strychnine case just got too much this while now wish i'd rather have strict by midseason medication for a while so maybe some strychnine maybe some mercury it was a very popular care for selfless oh also in the form of calomel for any kind of stomach complaint man thank you as you should have a wide recesses send mercury would have mercury would it would not be uncommon if mercury in a doctor's bag and then hopefully in open conflict there that's it well that's those old their motors are probably good for here they just broke open in the new let your patient eat what was inside i guess nicu their syphilis.

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