What's the difference between cio when cto them


What's the difference between cio when cto them yeah that's one it starts to um e you really have to understand how your company operates to really understand the difference between the 2 quite often i see the cto teo and and i'm not sure i necessarily have the right answer to this but from my perspective generally speaking the cto can of fits in from a very technology center perspective whereas the cio is much more business centric first maybe even data centric and then that kind of beckons the question okay than what's the difference between the cia on the cd oh the chief digital officer so i would say that the cto is much more technology focused so sure understanding how the company operates understanding the customer finding ways to architect and and drive and create strategy ran technology by the sea ieo is the one who is really understanding the business centrist city and then influencing technology as a lever to that i'm guessing in some organisations may be those are two distinct roles and and maybe in some organizations that's a combined role i find the most times the cto and cio are different roles very different roles with again the cto tends to be much more tech's amtrak whereas the c starts to become more business sentrachem i think the the more interesting one is when you get into the cd oh and the seat i l okay at but this a good friend of mine his and executive recruiter that focuses on cio roles as well as board roles with publiclytraded companies i think he said it best and i completely agree with us and that is if you have a cd oh that's probably a really good indication there's a problem with the sea iso roll who are alleged like guns drawn at noon need like draw cio the cdot is in town you know yeah well in a part of it is because the cia oh it there are a lot of reasons but part of it is commonly because the cia owed has blind spots and isn't able to evolve at the same rate or perspective that the company needs to of all.

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