A touchdown from can read this weekend it will be


A touchdown from can read this weekend it will be i'll have no shock on my face ago yeah the other there goes kimbery other way much like arizona the buccaneers defensive only sacked opposing quarterbacks on one point three percent a pass attempts which is worse than the league so in another reprieve for a struggling offensive line maybe a little bit for eli manning let's talk raiders and broncos this week the broncos are back at home three point favorite we saw the disastrous off into performance from oakland last week you know i i can't give him a word of caution about march on lynch earlier in the way you guys are very surprised that that you're you're hoping for a touchdown though in this match up from marshall lynch if you're starting him and i i think most people half do with where you drafted him but you know what where's the bright lights of for this oh than off at the bright lights were that last week was the opening act for the horror story that is going to be the you'll graders offense because is is going to be worse you're saying the horror story that is there they're slate yes ma'am it's not a ton of tough garrick car does not have great success in individual games it's on the road against we got us possibly was a ton of heat on our dare cart takes people come into his defense saying it's one game talking about how much will not one game go look would dare car did against his division meets last year read it it's rough it's really really rough the the numbers for michael crabtree annemari cooper against the broncos really rough.

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