Avenue woke rhode island


Avenue woke rhode island if you want to find out more information that we still do have a couple of the boats left that uh you know people can purchase in display and tell everybody about their company go to ocean state business expo dot com and is there a south county expo in the pipeline we do have one november eight south county this will be a second yeah there were running it we also run one on the east bay we do that in may awesome keep up the good work man you know it's just uh i'll say it again there's no better her time probably in the history of the world to be an entrepreneur and uh you know the state of small business in rhode island is an over here hear a lot of negativity and how everything socks but i think the state of small business in rhode island is something that we can all be a little bit proud of and hopefully all and try to get involved with it there's tons of stuff out there tons is tons of things to do just go out there and get it done my name's tony jones on filling in for patricia raskin we are up against the break after the break we'll be talking about the riddle room in eastern which rhode island this is a small business theme hour and you're going to want to stick around and hear about the rule room a great option for your entertainment dollar that's going to be happening after this quit commercial break right here on the patricia raskin show tony jones here on six thirty am and ninety nine seven fm wpro the voice of southern new england they say time is money that if.

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