A decrease our superman and make feature requests

The Changelog


Boom it's a brand new said that the the form of robot whether exist as today began to solidify four yet um when you had some health from from your friend but also when you started thinking about the eu's cases that you're trying to solve for we like to hear some of these cases out there we are a little bit about sentiment bought and was a welcome motte um guillot surely it has more than just ask the tell us like some other things that robot can do today and then we'll get into men will probuct can do in the future yes those with um i support in the first at what really took our words as stale out uh and one it does is a sweeps your for stale issues and poor equips sistrin grow problem that plagues agree opensource projects were you um you either open once you've issues of things you wanna do eventually or a decrease our superman and make feature requests and most of those things are great ideas uh in probably things that could and should be done given resources but the reality is it's that like they're not getting it done um and i've actually overtime started noticing is happening within get of as well um you know all of our projects on reached issues importer costumes on and i started to feel completely overburdened by all of the unfinished work that was in front of us and so there is a uh the jacco projects jackals this hours of pages i hadn't apps the word if there is no activity on a on a project which is being it and say hey it looks like hasn't been in the iranian activity on this um if there is no more activity in like a week under close issue.

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