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For a reason and a lot of star players like carmelo anthony by james harden for a time mike ross when durant affable learn that lesson deeper their careers a lot of success an lonzo may not be those guys and talent is probably not but what he starts with his different i think that is the perfect attitude the perfect building block for a winning laker team i barclays wrong with who cares it's not about whether lonzo ball an allstar i think he's the new unique player words about this is lonzo ball can help create a team that's going to be markedly better because he don at than if you weren't the answer's yes brandon ingram should be better larry nance juniors can be better qiao coups was gonna be better if they start letting julius randle play which i do not understand he's a bullet hole the taliban though day you'll loop bro play julius he's awesome when you don't play him your not awesome hashtag analysis i think alonzo's ace special special player in large part because what he's going to turn the rest of the team into and i cannot wait to see him in that team evolved together i think it to be very cool and a lot of people charles barkley are going to be eating their words all right let's do a little odd that a little college football throwing away and by the way on lonzo eight five five two one two four cbs eight five five two one two four cbs or you can of course have me up on twitter sports writer sports r e i t e r clung alonzo and we'll give you five things you need to know about a pretty interesting we get in college football in terms of how things could line up for the various conferences all that coming up on return to.

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