Listen First! SECRET SOCIETIES, A Parcast Original Series!



After two a m when they passed the skull and bones to a looming windowless structure. Mike suddenly stopped. He grabbed Ron's arm and pointed to the front door. It's something sat. On the doorstep a white baton in the gloomy darkness it was a long bone femur probably Ron who was already turned off by the skull and bones death cult took a step back and whispered to Mike. Come on. Let's just go to his is horror. Mike bounded up the tomb steps and scooped up the white bone then. He stepped even closer to inspect the triple padlock. Lock on the front door run. Felt every hair stand up on the back of his neck. He called out again. Mike don't suddenly lay the triple padlocks. Click the iron door opened and a hand shot out from the darkness. It wrenched the bone. Out of Mike's Grasp then disappeared just as quickly. The heavy door slammed shut and the locks clicked back into place. Still caught caught in a confusing cocktail of fighter flight. Mike slowly retreated back down the steps. Bron just shook his head too flustered luster to speak to overwhelmed for an. I told you so. Neither was quite sure what they'd intruded on. Just that it was a secret. One day would never be invited to understand..

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