Implications of escalation in US-Iran tensions


To this our interview of the day on a rock certainly and of course Steven a cook with the council on foreign relations and foreign policy earlier this week stopping the debate with John pharaoh there is nothing left for Americans to do in Iraq it was an extraordinary essay and lost in the drama of the events this week in the class of tensions between the United States and Iran a jetliner the crash the Ukrainian jetliner crash the Tehran insists was not shot down to get the old with Canada the U. K. and Australia as well joining us now to discuss the Steven cook Stefan senior fellow of the Middle East and Africa studies thing let's start that the next steps in this investigation with Iran in the rest of the world well your shocking bad a relatively brand new plane would just fall out of the guy I think it's obviously I'm not an aviation expert by the aviation experts I read today it's early to tell but there really needs to be a thorough investigation because it is quite odd existed at a relatively new airplane just falling out of the Scott Stevens you walk through what the consequences are as we watch these tensions build with Iran accusing western governments engaging and quote psychological warfare and president trump saying well you know I have my suspicions what's the potential political and energy of the into politics fallout from this incident well it certainly is the case that the Iranians are going to deny that they ever did anything like this a B. is that what that was shot down they'll say it a bit they didn't do it but it does raise tension in the region and even though the Iranians that signal but the president has signaled that they want to de escalate after the Iraqi missile attack on on American forces in Iraq this type of big either governments or runs proxies to take action against the United States the words the United the engaging in psychological warfare is not de escalating a potential conflict exactly raising tensions

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